zero trust

How Montana is navigating its 'work-from-anywhere' policy

by • 2 weeks ago

Montana CTO Matt Van Syckle said continued remote work will require new considerations of state government's software and cybersecurity capabilities.

Oklahoma CISO says pandemic accelerated zero-trust implementation

by • 3 weeks ago

Matt Singleton told StateScoop his office, which is still 98% remote, has implemented 38 "significant" cybersecurity initiatives over the past 18 months.

When the pandemic broke the traditional security model

by • 3 months ago

Why agency leaders need to reset their assumptions about authentication and look to a better model for security across their network.

New York City wants to implement zero-trust security across government

by • 4 months ago

After successful implementation internally, New York City Cyber Command wants to overhaul network security across a city government with more than 100 agencies.

Re-envision network security with an ‘inverted’ perimeter

by • 5 months ago

As the bulk of work flows increasingly outside traditional enterprise security barriers, agencies need to rethink network security paradigms.

How the pandemic messed up D.C.'s cybersecurity plans

by • 5 months ago

Facing budget constraints and a new cybersecurity model, Washington, D.C.'s CISO is bracing for an "interesting" 2021.

IAM solutions that help deter ransomware and cyberthreats at agencies

by • 2 years ago

State and local agency CIOs can take advantage of modern identity and access management tools to mitigate cyberthreats against critical data, report says.

'Wall that damn thing off': What government CIOs can do to improve cybersecurity

by • 2 years ago

The number of new applications and new devices coming into use means governments have to architect their networks for defense, San Francisco CIO Linda Gerull said.