Virginia Beach

As pandemic unfolded, local governments turned to projects new and old

by • 2 years ago

Winners of the 2020 LocalSmart awards for IT projects say the pandemic accelerated some efforts, and leaned on the success of others already underway.

Pandemic showed local IT digital transformation work ‘paid off’

by • 2 years ago

Local IT leaders who won 2020 LocalSmart Awards said the pandemic proved the importance of the work IT offices had been emphasizing for the last decade.

Virginia Beach launches visual budget site to build civic engagement

by • 6 years ago

The city is hoping to let people experiment with the budget and drive the process with feedback.

Virginia Beach launches app to aid evacuation planning

by • 7 years ago

City officials hope a web-based GIS tool will streamline evacuation planning, and improve decision-making, in the event of a storm-related emergency.