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Ohio cities sign up to be autonomous-vehicle testing grounds

by • 3 months ago

Columbus, Athens, Dublin and Marysville entered agreements with the state to open their roads and infrastructure to self-driving and connected cars.

Seattle readies UPS 'eBike' pilot to assist urban delivery

by • 4 months ago

The eBikes, operated by UPS, will work alongside traditional vans as part of an experimental project.

Helping governors stay ahead of the innovation curve

by • 4 months ago

Commentary: Brian Sandoval, governor of Nevada and 2017-18 chair of the National Governors Association, urges governors to keep pace with rapidly changing energy and transportation technologies.

Ex-San Francisco fellow publishes city's lost autonomous vehicles white paper

by • 5 months ago

Forgotten amid a political shuffle, the document condenses the expertise of more than a dozen companies in the connected-device and self-driving vehicles markets.

Bay Area Rapid Transit passes ordinance requiring public review of surveillance technology projects

by • 5 months ago

San Francisco-area advocacy groups are celebrating the ordinance's passage as a victory for civil liberties.

Virginia becomes first state to partner in national anti-drunk-driving tech initiative

by • 5 months ago

A new in-vehicle sensor can detect alcohol on the driver's breath faster and more seamlessly than existing technology.

Federal grant gives Bay Area Rapid Transit an 'extra boost' for security upgrades

by • 6 months ago

A $6.8 million FEMA infusion will help support projects proposed by the authority after recent deaths.

Facial recognition technology catches first impostor at D.C. airport

by • 6 months ago

A man departing from Sao Paulo attempted to use a French passport that turned out not to be his.

It's still really easy to hack and reprogram road signs

by • 6 months ago

Easily accessed through default passwords that are never changed, road signs can be altered to state anything from video-game jokes to zombie warnings.

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