New Jersey Transit is building a market intelligence database

by • 2 weeks ago

NJ Transit is creating a review database of transportation-sector IT vendors that it plans to share with transit agencies nationwide.

Philadelphia pursues AI-powered pavement technologies

by • 3 months ago

The city is looking for AI-powered ideas to help it improve the data it collects on roadway quality and decrease times spent on repair projects.

North Dakota's CIO wants to automate 20 percent of state government

by • 11 months ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley says that by boosting efficiency through the use of technology, the state is "improving lives and inspiring success."

Connecticut plans 5G connections on commuter line to NYC

by • 11 months ago

Gov. Ned Lamont announced the purchase of new rail cars with antennas capable of amplifying 4G and 5G wireless signals passengers use during their commutes.

‘Way too many people’ are driving alone in Los Angeles, metro CIO says

by • 12 months ago

LA Metro's Joshua Schank says his office's top priority is to encourage other modes of transit besides driving solo. 

Transit Tech Lab pilots solutions for NYC's transit woes

by • 1 year ago

For transit systems with shaky performance and unclear futures, the city is turning to small tech companies for a leg up.

How Smart Columbus is advancing city transportation tech

by • 1 year ago

Commentary: Jordan Davis, a director at the Columbus Partnership, shares how the Ohio capital is making the most of its $570 million experiment.

Utah invests $50 million in connected and autonomous vehicle infrastructure

by • 1 year ago

Officials say they'll work with Panasonic to advance from Utah's current time-saving and efficiency techniques onto roadway technologies that can save lives.

Detroit kicks off Ford-backed transportation challenge

by • 1 year ago

Before individuals and community groups can begin submitting solutions, the city first wants to hear residents' biggest transportation challenges to nail down a focus of the competition.