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‘Way too many people’ are driving alone in Los Angeles, metro CIO says

by • 5 months ago

LA Metro's Joshua Schank says his office's top priority is to encourage other modes of transit besides driving solo. 

Columbus launches yearlong microtransit pilot

by • 9 months ago

A shuttle system, powered by ride-sharing software company Via, will introduce microtransit to Central Ohio.

Even smart cities have a big transportation gap, study shows

by • 3 years ago

Economic forces have created a death of intercity travel options, new analysis shows, even in leading smart cities like Columbus, Ohio.

Transit startup Remix gets $10 million in follow-on funding

by • 3 years ago

The company plans for aggressive growth in the U.S. and Europe as smart city tech becomes more common.

Transit-connected Wi-Fi kiosks spring up in Miami-Dade County

by • 3 years ago

Billed as the 'world's first fully integrated smart city ecosystem,' a 300-kiosk project will bring new connectivity and data to city streets.

Driverless shuttles coming to California's Contra Costa County in 2017

by • 3 years ago

County transportation wastes no time using new legislation to put 150 driverless transit shuttles on the road.

San Francisco launches 'Muni Mobile' payment app for buses

by • 4 years ago

“You no longer have to have exact change of .25 to ride Muni”, said a spokesman for San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency.