Social Media

New Jersey's Twitter account is unabashedly New Jersey

by • 2 years ago

Most state governments' official Twitter accounts just share press releases and service advisories. New Jersey's talks about your mom.

How one city trawls social media to inform policy and make decisions

by • 3 years ago

The CIO for Aurora, Illinois, says an AI-powered platform crawls Facebook, Twitter and other sources to help officials understand sentiment and spot problems as they arise.

Browser extension's creators say it'll boost civic engagement via social media

by • 3 years ago

The new tool's developers hope to take Facebook and Twitter back from bots and political meddlers.

South Carolina experiment adds social media to 911 response

by • 3 years ago

And it works best when the data is curated before it reaches a first responder.

Facebook and Google take different stances toward states' new rules on political ad disclosures

by • 3 years ago

Google is suspending political ads in Washington state, while Facebook simply says state authorities have raised "important questions."

How Austin turned to social media to get the word out during March bombings

by • 3 years ago

Austin Mayor Steve Adler says technology played a huge role in helping to find the perpetrator while social media services like Twitter helped keep residents notified of potential threats.

Bill allowing 'ballot selfies' vetoed by Oklahoma governor

by • 4 years ago

But the state legislature has the votes to override Gov. Mary Fallin's objections echoing election law experts that social media photos of completed ballots can lead to voter intimidation.

How Nextdoor is helping law enforcement connect with residents and reduce crime

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Annie Barco of Nextdoor shares examples of how her company's social network is helping law enforcement form tighter bonds that make communities safer.

Ohio plans medical marijuana help line, possible digital services

by • 4 years ago

With new laws come new technologies.