San Leandro

VR, digital assistants among projects in first STIR Labs cohort

by • 1 year ago

Challenges surrounding climate change, transportation, housing and civic technology will be addressed by 17 research partnerships starting in February.

San Leandro, California, names longtime IT manager as CTO

by • 3 years ago

Tony Batalla, the city's IT manager since 2014, will oversee both the city's internal technology policy and a public-facing innovation office.

San Leandro, Calif. deploys 'moving target data protection' to streetlight network

by • 3 years ago

Using new technology from a company called Cryptomove, the city says it can turn thousands of its "internet of things" devices into security assets.

Deborah Acosta wants to show Silicon Valley how women run things

by • 4 years ago

San Leandro, California's departing chief information officer plans to launch an incubator for women-run tech companies. But first, she's got some thoughts about bro culture, Burning Man, and the era of "Lean In."

3 new tools are making it easier to access digital services, data in San Leandro

by • 5 years ago

An open data visualization platform, a clearinghouse for the city's map data, and a citizen-centric dashboard are helping the San Francisco Bay Area city turn a friendlier face to its residents.

IoT cybersecurity falls short, say city IT leaders

by • 5 years ago

A survey from nonprofit CompTIA shows that most city government tech leaders are not confident in the cybersecurity behind today's "smart city" devices.

3 cities show what a national Startup in Residence program can do

by • 5 years ago

As the California Bay Area's Startup in Residence program approaches national expansion in 2018, this year's participants share how AI, analytics and process changes are expanding government's options and improving communities.

How the Internet of Things is transforming energy, lighting and traffic in San Leandro

by • 5 years ago

The future of the city's infrastructure and operations hinge on development of an evolving sensor network and internet backbone, the California city CIO says.

Four cities say connectivity is key in 2017 smart city projects

by • 5 years ago

Seattle, Philadelphia, San Jose and San Leandro officials say accessibility to high-speed internet and connectivity is fundamental to moving smart city plans forward.