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Los Angeles must 'do better' on data privacy, controller says

by • 6 months ago

Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin is calling for the creation of a privacy board that can hold the city accountable for its use of new technologies.

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin publishes financial data portal

by • 7 months ago

The city controller said a new data portal containing a comprehensive picture of the city's financial health fills a common request from constituents.

Los Angeles controller publishes maps showing city's inequities

by • 1 year ago

Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin's new "Equity Index" is a visualization of the contrast in quality of life between Los Angeles neighborhoods.

LA's new 'resource hub' shows which neighborhoods get stimulus checks

by • 2 years ago

Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin said he hopes the new digital tool will help the city make more data-driven decisions about how to allocate resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New maps show Los Angeles residents where to find food during pandemic

by • 2 years ago

After a shelter-in-place emergency order last week, a new website from LA Controller Ron Galperin is designed to help people find supermarkets, farmers markets and meal distribution centers.

LA controller calls for data-driven homelessness strategy

by • 2 years ago

Citing "ill-defined" goals and ineffective spending, Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin proposes a technological solution to city's homelessness problem.

LA controller debuts data-driven youth development strategy

by • 2 years ago

His plan would use wellness and achievement data to better understand the risks that Los Angeles youth face on a day-to-day basis.

Los Angeles city controller updates online property map to boost housing, economy

by • 3 years ago

Los Angeles isn't making the most of its nearly 14,000 government-owned properties. City Controller Ron Galperin wants to do something about it.

City IT systems not ready for disaster, says Los Angeles controller

by • 4 years ago

Ron Galperin is calling for tens of millions in ongoing capital investment to safeguard the city's critical IT systems.