Public Sector

Tulsa is using data to write the next chapter of its history

by • 3 years ago

Commentary: Tulsa, Oklahoma Mayor G.T. Bynum says the city's Urban Data Pioneers program is creating progress around policy areas like housing, public health and education.

San Francisco innovation chief Jay Nath departs for civic tech nonprofit

by • 4 years ago

The chief innovation officer was formative in building keystone civic technology programs like Startup in Residence.

A case for expanding government's procurement reach

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Joe Rinzel of Americans for a Modern Economy argues that state and local governments should look to California as a model for a more diverse contracting talent pool.

It’s time to prioritize your organization’s digital strategy

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Georgia’s chief digital officer says creating a digital strategy can help a state build credibility with its citizens and align with their goals.

One San Francisco official’s war on R2-D2

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Research Analyst Alan McQuinn examines a recent controversy to argue that hasty policymaking around emerging technologies is self-defeating.

How to write an effective state and local gov software RFP

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: StreamLink Software's CEO provides state and local government with a detailed guide of how to draft an RFP that avoids unwanted costs and complications further along in the project life cycle.

Before ransomware makes you want to cry, build bridges to protect your state’s IT infrastructure

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: A former Texas state chief information officer draws on her public sector experience to guide government leaders through incidents like the recent ransomware attack known as 'WannaCry.'

Government IT is in crisis

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Consultant Luis Estrada draws on his experience as the former deputy chief information officer of Maryland to urge an organizational transformation throughout government that transcends technology.

Building an open standard for emergency vehicles from the ground up

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Unsatisfied with the limitations of traditional emergency vehicle preemption systems, a project manager with the City of Redlands, California, explains how staff are building a new modern standard.