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California needs modernization for cloud success, CTO says

by • 1 year ago

On the Priorities podcast, California CTO Richard Rogers says that the state needs a modernization and workforce strategy for true adoption of cloud.

Employee engagement, cost benefit key to shared services discussions

by • 1 year ago

On the latest Priorities episode, Vermont's John Quinn explains how close collaboration has improved buy-in and impact for the state's shared services.

CIOs should use governance, cost savings to urge collaboration

by • 1 year ago

On an episode of the Priorities podcast, state IT leaders say governance that forces cost savings and collaboration is most effective.

State CIOs need to change culture around data sharing

by • 1 year ago

On the latest episode of the Priorities podcast, Illinois CIO Jack King and Utah CIO Mike Hussey offer steps to better data use and sharing.

As states consolidate, customer relationships matter more

by • 1 year ago

On StateScoop's Priorities podcast, NASCIO's executive director says as more states consolidate IT, customer service has become more important to CIOs.

States must incentivize industry to expand rural broadband, says Delaware CIO

by • 1 year ago

On StateScoop's Priorities podcast, James Collins says states should try to offset some costs vendors face when expanding broadband to rural areas.

Google is digital government's true homepage, remind experts

by • 1 year ago

On this episode of StateScoop's Priorities podcast, CDOs from Georgia and Massachusetts show why agencies should undergo constant self-assessment.

As states warm to agile, agency adoption pays dividends from continuous improvement

by • 1 year ago

On the second episode of this season of StateScoop’s Priorities podcast, leaders from Colorado, Vermont and North Carolina weigh in on their agile methodology efforts.

At different stages in consolidation, states look to a more efficient future

by • 2 years ago

On the latest episode of StateScoop’s Priorities podcast, the CIOs from Mississippi and Nebraska talk about their efforts on consolidation and why the idea has been a state technology priority for so long.