Post-pandemic, state IT is in a ‘time for reflection and change’

by • 2 months ago

As agencies respond to the changes presented by the health crisis, state IT leaders are looking towards more innovative ways to approach business operations, two industry leaders say.

How observability and AIOps enhance application performance

by • 3 months ago

Traditional monitoring systems are no longer adequate for mapping dynamic dependencies and identifying the root cause of performance issues, says Dynatrace CTO.

Four foundations for enabling modern applications

by • 3 months ago

As government agencies shift to internet-based applications, the need for modernized networks has never been more essential, says IT architecture expert.

Network modernization strategies to support modern applications

by • 5 months ago

As agencies upgrade their applications, the networks they depend on need to be more dynamic, redundant and secure.

How states are moving faster on digital citizen services development

by • 8 months ago

Identity architect Jeet Shah shares how a developer centric IAM solution is helping agencies speed up citizen app development with a seamless and secure user experience.

The future of work for state and local governments

by • 9 months ago

Cisco’s Marc Moffett discusses how state and local agencies can offer flexibility to their workforce, and address challenges around security and connectivity.

Strategies to drive better outcomes from existing security programs

by • 10 months ago

Security advisor Wendy Nather discusses a recent study correlating key security strategies to statistically greater program outcomes — and what that means to state leaders.

Using modern authentication controls to mitigate fraud risks

by • 11 months ago

Fraud can quickly drain state and local agency resources. However, with modern authentication controls, CIOs and CISOs can mitigate fraud and security risks.

Sonoma County officials gain notable efficiencies with e-signature tool

by • 1 year ago

IT leaders in Sonoma County targeted key user groups to demonstrate the time-saving effectiveness of an e-signature solution to win broader adoption.