Using modern authentication controls to mitigate fraud risks

by • 17 hours ago

Fraud can quickly drain state and local agency resources. However, with modern authentication controls, CIOs and CISOs can mitigate fraud and security risks.

Sonoma County officials gain notable efficiencies with e-signature tool

by • 2 months ago

IT leaders in Sonoma County targeted key user groups to demonstrate the time-saving effectiveness of an e-signature solution to win broader adoption.

With SASE, less means more for modern security outcomes

by • 2 months ago

Palo Alto Networks executive discusses why secure access service edge (SASE) can reduce complexity and improve security for government’s remote workforce.

The value of data to inform modern technology investments

by • 3 months ago

The pandemic uncovered many agencies’ greatest vulnerabilities in delivering citizen services, but modern data platforms can help leaders create better investment strategies.

Are states relenting on municipal broadband during the pandemic?

by • 3 months ago

More states are relaxing limits on municipally controlled broadband networks as the health crisis drags on, raising the need for high-speed internet service.

Looking beyond COVID-19 to build a digital government

by • 4 months ago

While the pandemic boosted modernization and digital services projects in government, agencies need to leverage that momentum beyond the crisis.

How to strengthen security concerns despite budget constraints

by • 5 months ago

The coming year does not look promising for state budgets, but agencies can turn to managed services to lower costs and improve security.

Texas and New Jersey IT leaders praise benefits of RPA

by • 5 months ago

State IT officials share strategies for deploying process automation tools and the gains they’re achieving using RPA to improve service delivery.

The future of network security with SASE solutions

by • 6 months ago

How state agencies can ensure trusted access to applications by remote users through implementing security inspection at the application layer.