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Innovative state agencies replicate commercial sector gains in cloud migration journey

by • 2 months ago

Cloud experts discuss innovation, small wins and better partnerships following a report on state agencies’ progress in moving to the cloud.

How agencies ensure software containers don’t add complexity

by • 4 months ago

Government agencies using software containers and APIs will be able to transition to the cloud in a distributed IT environment more efficiently, experts say in a new podcast.

How automation can reduce technical debt for state government legacy systems

by • 4 months ago

IT expert explains how automation and orchestration can be applied to legacy systems to lower costs and increase security for agencies.

What state CIOs can learn from Texas’ identity and access solutions

by • 4 months ago

By moving to centralize identity and access solutions, Texas IT officials have laid the groundwork to lower costs and unify users’ online experience.

Agencies provisioning more applications should consider cloud-based IAM, says expert

by • 7 months ago

In a podcast interview, Okta’s Ted Girard explains why a centralized identity and access management (IAM) platform represents an increasingly important strategy for CIOs to consider.

Industry partnership takes aim at obstacles agencies face in cloud migration

by • 7 months ago

Cloud experts discuss how the VMware and Amazon Web Services partnership will streamline migration to cloud for state and local government agencies.

The cloud conundrum: the benefits of getting cloud-ready

by • 10 months ago

The principles of cloud computing can be applied to any agency’s IT system even if it isn’t ready to operate in a cloud-based environment.

Cloud migration drives performance improvements, smart city strategy in Atlanta

by • 12 months ago

After migrating enterprise applications to the cloud in 2016, Atlanta has found increased performance and more readiness to embrace smart city technologies.

Collaboration gives state, local government advantage on cybersecurity

by • 12 months ago

The lack of competition between state and local governments gives them the unique position to share threat intelligence and data in a way the private sector cannot.

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