open data portal

To understand its open data, Philadelphia surveys city staff, public

by • 10 months ago

The city is asking people to share which data sets they want more of and how they're manipulating the data, all to provide a better public service.

San Diego names new chief data officer

by • 1 year ago

Andrell Bower, formerly the city's open data program coordinator, takes over as CDO, where she says issues like homelessness and infrastructure take precedence.

Crowdsourced environment data gets a home on Louisville Data Commons

by • 1 year ago

A city-university partnership gives community members and researchers a new place to host data on the environmental and public health.

Bellevue, Nebraska, claims it was ‘duped’ on its Socrata open data portal

by • 3 years ago

Despite Socrata’s offer to assist, officials have canceled the city’s contract and are asking for a refund.

DC Water's new open data portal shows why your toilet is flooding

by • 3 years ago

The Washington utility launches a new portal to automate customer requests for information about about sewage overflows, water main breaks and other issues affecting service.

Kansas City launches real-time parking and traffic map

by • 4 years ago

Lots of cities have data portals. Some have smart city sensors. Kansas City, Missouri, is putting them together.

A new portal in Denton, Texas, reveals open data's strategic side

by • 4 years ago

Today it's Denton, Texas, tomorrow it's Maricopa County, Arizona — OpenGov brings a new approach to the open data movement.

Delaware publishes 30 data sets on new open data portal

by • 4 years ago

The governor's office called the launch a victory for transparent government.

Virginia presents 75 years of Chesapeake Bay data

by • 4 years ago

A new data collection provides Chesapeake Bay researchers, academics and land managers an ecological rehabilitation rendezvous.