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Police have been feeding celebrity photos, doctored images into facial-recognition systems

by • 5 months ago

New research shows that a lack of clear standards for using the technology has led many agencies to resort to an array of questionable practices in attempting to identify criminal suspects.

In first meeting, NYC algorithm task force talks racial biases, 'dirty data'

by • 6 months ago

Expert witnesses told the 18-member panel how the data-driven algorithms the city uses can sometimes lead to racially biased policies.

How the NYPD is using machine learning to spot crime patterns

by • 7 months ago

The department has revealed "Patternizr," a tool used the past two year years to spot crime patterns nearly invisible to the human eye.

NYPD to deploy 14 drones across city

by • 10 months ago

The department's technical assistance response unit will use the drones to assist officers in certain investigations.