New York prepares for 5G kiosks after stinging program review

by • 10 months ago

A July report by the New York State auditor found that the LinkNYC program has not penetrated less-connected boroughs and shortchanged the city on ad revenue.

New York's digital information kiosks displaying newly published Jackie Robinson photos

by • 3 years ago

The images are part of a museum exhibit marking the 100th anniversary of the baseball legend's birth.

New York adds bus info to LinkNYC kiosks, starting in Brooklyn

by • 4 years ago

The free Wi-Fi kiosks will show real-time information about city buses, with the other four boroughs to follow "in the coming weeks."

Next-gen 911 comes to New York City

by • 5 years ago

One of the busiest emergency call systems in the country will soon migrate to new technology, providing those in emergencies with new media options that extend to texting, photos, video and social media.

Chicago pilots Wi-Fi kiosks in the style of LinkNYC

by • 5 years ago

The same company that is installing thousands of kiosks in New York City will soon install five in downtown Chicago as the city decides what's next.

New York’s free Wi-Fi kiosks to debut in London by 2017

by • 6 years ago

Like New York, London will soon replace hundreds of its old payphone booths with free high-speed Wi-Fi kiosks.

New York City's free Wi-Fi program sparks privacy debate

by • 6 years ago

The city's LinkNYC effort to offer high-speed wireless Internet has privacy advocates concerned about what data is collected on the network.

NYC begins installing 10,000 free Wi-Fi kiosks

by • 7 years ago

Part of the LinkNYC network, the kiosks will support up to 250 wireless devices each