Jonathan Reichental

How cities rediscovered data and digitalization in 2020

by • 1 year ago

When cities sent employees home as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many also contemplated whether they could maintain even the most basic public services.

Six ways to fall in (or back in) love with your city

by • 1 year ago

Jonathan Reichental has a few suggestions on how to spice up your relationship with your city.

'Smart Cities for Dummies' plots a course to a prosperous future

by • 1 year ago

Former Palo Alto, California, CIO Jonathan Reichental says his new book, a For Dummies title about how to improve cities, is attracting a wide audience.

What will the next decade of government technology look like?

by • 2 years ago

Former Palo Alto, California, CIO Jonathan Reichental said he wants to "make things better." From AI to the cloud, these are the technologies he thinks can make that happen.

Palo Alto CIO Jonathan Reichental heads to Oracle

by • 3 years ago

He will begin next month as the “global industries solution lead” with the software giant.

Palo Alto renews its quest to build a citywide fiberoptic network

by • 4 years ago

The municipal network would give residents the same quality of broadband service enjoyed by the Silicon Valley hub's biggest corporate neighbors, city CIO Jonathan Reichental told StateScoop.

Palo Alto ditches the desktop phone

by • 4 years ago

The California city is experimenting with a program that allows office staff to replace desktop phones with laptops, cell phones, chat and email.

Palo Alto shows that even small cities can be smart cities

by • 5 years ago

Chief Information Officer Jonathan Reichental says his city's innovation agenda can serve as a model for other small jurisdictions around the country that want to expand their project repertoires.

Sidewalk delivery drones aren't quite ready for government service

by • 5 years ago

One chief information officer said the emerging industry of land-based delivery robots presents challenges around safety, privacy and logistics.