Jonathan Reichental

Jonathan Reichental

Jonathan Reichental is the former chief information officer of Palo Alto, California. He’s now an instructor at several institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley, and online through LinkedIn. He’s the founder and CEO of the advisory and investment firm Human Future, and the author of Smart Cities For Dummies.


How cognitive cities can boost urban innovation

by Jonathan Reichental • 3 days ago

Cities have long been limited by access to actionable intelligence, but that's changing in a big way with the advent of cognitive cities.


Cities need a digital transformation jump-start

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A shortage of vision, leadership, skills or funding are the most common stumbling blocks in cities lacking digital services.


One year on, Is NYC’s internet master plan making the city smarter?

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New York City developed a master plan for closing the digital divide. One year later, CTO John Paul Farmer says it's making progress.


What role does a national agenda play in developing smart cities?

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How will a new presidential administration affect smart city efforts around the nation?


How cloud computing can unlock city innovation

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Cities are finally in full adoption mode of cloud services. Will 2021 be the year they make full use of this innovative technology?


How cities rediscovered data and digitalization in 2020

by Jonathan Reichental • 5 months ago

When cities sent employees home as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many also contemplated whether they could maintain even the most basic public services.