Jonathan Reichental

Jonathan Reichental

Jonathan Reichental is the former chief information officer of Palo Alto, California. He’s now an instructor at several institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley, and online through LinkedIn. He’s the founder and CEO of the advisory and investment firm Human Future, and the author of Smart Cities For Dummies.


Will the world’s most sustainable city be built in the U.S.?

by Jonathan Reichental • 3 months ago

The proposed city of Telosa could be a meaningful advance for planned communities in the United States.


Watch for a new generation of smaller smart cities

by Jonathan Reichental • 5 months ago

Increasingly, small and midsize cities are joining the smart-city movement. Limerick, Ireland, is among those coming up in the world.


Urban innovation requires us to imagine a world that doesn’t yet exist

by Jonathan Reichental • 6 months ago

We’re building for a future urban world that is speculative and likely full of unanticipated surprises.


Smart cities are the new champions of placemaking

by Jonathan Reichental • 7 months ago

Technology isn't the only way to make cities smarter and more sustainable.


Will legislation propel the smart city movement?

by Jonathan Reichental • 8 months ago

Lawmakers are taking a third run at the Smart Cities and Communities Act. A growing appreciation for technology gives the 2021 version a better chance.


How cognitive cities can boost urban innovation

by Jonathan Reichental • 9 months ago

Cities have long been limited by access to actionable intelligence, but that's changing in a big way with the advent of cognitive cities.