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Cincinnati-area governments sign opioid data-sharing pact with feds

by • 1 year ago

At a "smart regions" conference in Ohio, representatives from several jurisdictions pledged to use technology to reduce drug overdoses.

Promising tech solutions to opioid crisis awarded in Ohio competition's second phase

by • 2 years ago

Twelve teams each received $200,000 for their technology-based proposals to reverse the state's drug abuse trend, and will next compete on which ideas can be brought to market.

Minnesota's only suicide hotline is in danger of closing

by • 2 years ago

The state needs roughly million in additional funding annually to keep its call center open.

Nevada expects to cut costs with new health insurance exchange site for 2019

by • 2 years ago

The state is aiming to eliminate more than million in fees paid to the federal government for access to HealthCare.gov.

Colorado's plagued medical benefits system may finally get the upgrades it needs

by • 2 years ago

New upgrades could put an end to a legacy computer system that has cost the state more than 30 million in improper payments.

New disaster map and website track hurricane recovery data in North Carolina

by • 2 years ago

The tool will serve as a disaster data clearinghouse managed by the state IT office going forward.

For child welfare agencies, KPMG forms alliance with specialized software provider

by • 2 years ago

Case Commons' purpose-built child welfare software is now included in the professional services firm's suite of products.

Opioid ideas wanted: Ohio taps public with technology challenge

by • 2 years ago

One state official says lots of people have ideas but never do anything with them — this competition provides a platform to make a difference.

​How a Boston-based startup is changing non-emergency medical transportation

by • 2 years ago

Commentary: A new platform that is improving service quality and reducing fraud in the health care sector serves as a valuable example that government can follow.