What role does a national agenda play in developing smart cities?

by • 1 year ago

How will a new presidential administration affect smart city efforts around the nation?

For rural broadband, FCC gives $4.9 billion to small ISPs

by • 3 years ago

Ten years of funding is expected to provide high-speed internet service to 450,000 homes and businesses.

Cisco introduces $1 billion smart city financing program

by • 5 years ago

The company is offering a new avenue to fund smart city projects as city governments struggle to find reliable public funding.

How cities can secure funding for connected transportation initiatives

by • 5 years ago

Commentary: Cities have plenty of federal funding at their disposal to advance cutting-edge connected transportation programs — Cisco Executive Barry Einsig shares how to find and win those awards.

Improvements to GIS data generate more federal funding for states, study finds

by • 5 years ago

Ongoing research at George Washington University reveals a strong correlation between fuller population counts and increased funding.

For funding, Colorado cybersecurity chief says strategy first

by • 5 years ago

Using her own state as an example, Colorado CISO Debbi Blyth says legislators are more willing to invest in cybersecurity if they can see specific strategies to measure success.

$2 million boost sought for Missouri's cybersecurity budget

by • 5 years ago

Amid budget season, the state looks to build its security tools and strategies as the technology office continues to defend its data centers against 46 attacks per minute.