Doug Robinson

CIO panel at NASCIO 2022
From left: National Association of State Chief Information Officers Executive Director Doug Robinson, Texas CIO Amanda Crawford and Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes discuss NASCIO’s annual survey at the group’s annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky. (Colin Wood / Scoop News Group)

Workforce worries loom as CIO roles evolve, NASCIO’s 2022 survey finds

NASCIO's annual member survey found CIOs concerned about recruiting newer and younger workers, but also cementing their elevated roles.
Many of the nation’s state chief information officers pose for a group shot during the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ annual conference in Seattle on October 10, 2021. (NASCIO)

What makes a good state CIO?

The answer has little to do with technology.
pink unicorn
This pink unicorn is featured on the cover of TransparentBusiness’ slide deck, which promises potential investors “a unicorn investment opportunity in the time of pandemic and recession.” (Getty Images)

Vendor-tracking software firm wields pandemic in latest pitch to states

TransparentBusiness, which last year lobbied nearly every state to use its software to monitor IT contractors, sees an opening in the telework surge.