Doug Robinson

State, local tech leaders push for post-pandemic modernization

by • 3 months ago

NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson and other tech leaders told members of Congress how state and local tech can mature after COVID-19.

CIOs face budget pressure from pandemic in 2021

by • 8 months ago

Financial shortfalls were not as bad as projected, but "we're going to see reduced spending models" for some time, NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson said.

Cybersecurity, funding challenges ahead in 2021, says NASCIO

by • 9 months ago

While 2020 presented many challenges, state governments will face new ones in the coming year, two leaders from NASCIO said.

Pandemic elevated CIOs' roles, NASCIO survey finds

by • 12 months ago

The association's annual survey of its members found that many CIOs are at the forefront of their states' responses to the historic health crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic could crush states' digital transformation

by • 1 year ago

Will the health crisis propel states' upgrade efforts or will the coming economic slowdown introduce years of delays to planned modernization efforts?

Vendor-tracking software firm wields pandemic in latest pitch to states

by • 1 year ago

TransparentBusiness, which last year lobbied nearly every state to use its software to monitor IT contractors, sees an opening in the telework surge.

For state and local government, 2019 was the year of ransomware

by • 2 years ago

Through all the year brought, NASCIO's Doug Robinson and Cloudera's Henry Sowell show it was the escalating cyberattacks that captured government's attention.

As states consolidate, customer relationships matter more

by • 3 years ago

On StateScoop's Priorities podcast, NASCIO's executive director says as more states consolidate IT, customer service has become more important to CIOs.

20 states are probably getting new CIOs

by • 3 years ago

The biggest realignment in state leadership since 2010 means changes are coming for many chief information officers and the agencies they lead.