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North Dakota hires former TransUnion executive as new data officer

by • 1 day ago

Ravi Krishnan, who has also been a data strategist, will succeed Dorman Bazzell, who was hired as the state's first data officer in 2018.

Maryland, NSA announce new data security partnership

by • 1 day ago

A senior data analyst from the National Security Agency will advise Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's office on data privacy and security policies.

The pandemic taught some cities to help small businesses more

by • 2 days ago

A new small-business portal in Wichita, Kansas, is the latest in a series of initiatives among local governments to offer greater aid to small businesses.

Louisiana adds hunting, fishing permits to digital license app

by • 2 days ago

The state's mobile app, LA Wallet, will now enable residents to carry digital hunting and fishing permits on their smartphone.

Biggest cybersecurity issue is 'culture,' city CISOs say

by • 2 days ago

Getting people comfortable with new controls is one of the greatest hurdles to improving security, local cybersecurity leaders said during an online event.

Federal CISO says there's much feds 'can learn from the states'

by • 3 days ago

The White House's Chris DeRusha told officials in his former state of Michigan that they've "done a lot of big creative things."

Maine Gov. Mills names head of new $150M broadband office

by • 3 days ago

Andrew Butcher, director of the Maine Broadband Coalition, would lead an office to improve broadband in Maine, one of the most poorly connected states.

On cybersecurity, cities have 'a lot to learn from each other'

by • 3 days ago

San Francisco CISO Michael Makstman, who cofounded the Coalition of City CISOs, said cities should pursue a "collective approach" on defending their networks.

Bloomberg Philanthropies to open $43 million city research center

by • 4 days ago

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's foundation is opening a new center at Johns Hopkins University to house its many city-focused programs.