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Data analysis, machine learning attract states to the cloud

by • 4 weeks ago

With the new capabilities cloud computing presents, IT agencies can protect themselves better and do more with data, guests say on StateScoop's Priorities podcast.

Connecticut Gov. Lamont announces interagency data management system

by • 2 months ago

Lamont announced his plan for a performance management system that would align agency data policies to reduce redundancy and modernize services as he pursues an "all-digital government."

'Smart cities' contemplate turning big data into big money

by • 3 months ago

As cities accumulate more data than ever before, questions emerge of whether they should charge third-party developers who want to use it.

'Smart city' initiatives are creating a flood of new data

by • 3 months ago

As municipal devices tuck away trillions of terabytes of data, smart-city experts say they don't have the workforce or infrastructure to parse the information.

How to improve IoT's role in city construction? Model it from the start, a new report says

by • 9 months ago

Sensors and other tools are often overlooked in design and architecture, Georgia Tech researchers find.

California is ditching bail, and now courts must choose a risk assessment tool

by • 10 months ago

As jurisdictions seek to replace the cash system with algorithm-based pretrial decisions, they'll look for guidance from those who have already been there.

'World's Smartest Intersection' debuts in Detroit

by • 1 year ago

Through a partnership with vendor Miovision, the city aims to have all of its intersections outfitted with an expandable application platform by the end of the year.

How Austin turned to social media to get the word out during March bombings

by • 1 year ago

Austin Mayor Steve Adler says technology played a huge role in helping to find the perpetrator while social media services like Twitter helped keep residents notified of potential threats.

Data training center for government opens at Johns Hopkins University

by • 1 year ago

Launched by nonprofit the Center for Government Excellence, a new online and on-site training center for government will feature courses on community engagement, open data, among others.