Nearly 75% of states launched chatbots to aid pandemic response

by • 1 week ago

Surging demand at health and labor departments spurred adoption of chatbots in state government, according to a new NASCIO report.

Pandemic's budget shortfalls push states toward automation

by • 4 weeks ago

As chief information officers anticipate working with smaller budgets and smaller teams, automating processes, they say, appears increasingly necessary.

'Citizen developers' help Texas city build digital services quickly and affordably

by • 1 month ago

More than 30 non-IT employees in Garland, a Dallas suburb of about 240,000, taught themselves how to design digital workflows making government more efficient.

The cloud simplifies, improves automation, says Virginia’s CISO

by • 7 months ago

Adding cloud services to an organization’s technology environment may add complexity, but it also simplifies some tasks, says Virginia CISO Mike Watson.

NYC algorithm task force makes broad suggestions in final report

by • 8 months ago

Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced the creation of a new position of algorithms management and policy officer to oversee the city's use of algorithms.

North Dakota's CIO wants to automate 20 percent of state government

by • 8 months ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley says that by boosting efficiency through the use of technology, the state is "improving lives and inspiring success."

Eliminate paper-based invoicing to save valuable government resources

by • 1 year ago

Agency CFOs and CIOs alike can benefit from investing in automated invoicing and payment systems. A cloud-based service would pay for itself in less than a year.

How the Utah government got a handle on 60,000 devices

by • 1 year ago

Two years ago, the state didn't know what was on its network. Now, state CISO Phil Bates says it's automating security processes on a well-managed inventory.

How automation can reduce technical debt for state government legacy systems

by • 2 years ago

IT expert explains how automation and orchestration can be applied to legacy systems to lower costs and increase security for agencies.