Tennessee's Medicaid program is going in on process automation

by • 6 days ago

TennCare CIO Hugh Hale said he wants to automate as many of his agency's processes as possible to make themselves "easier to deal with."

Sink or Swim? How to manage the swell of FOIA request

by • 2 months ago

Agencies can leverage workflow automation tools to improve customer experience and interagency communication.

How hyperautomation unleashes the full potential of business processes

by • 2 months ago

MCCi CEO Donny Barstow on improving public services by modernizing business processes and reducing transactional work using hyperautomation.

North Dakota shares cyberthreat automation tool for Albert sensors

by • 4 months ago

The state published a "playbook" that officials said other states and localities can use to automate research on new threats.

Virginia CIO compares automation to ordering a chicken sandwich

by • 6 months ago

Commonwealth Chief Information Officer Nelson Moe said IT officials in search of solutions don't need to reinvent the sandwich.

How observability and AIOps enhance application performance

by • 7 months ago

Traditional monitoring systems are no longer adequate for mapping dynamic dependencies and identifying the root cause of performance issues, says Dynatrace CTO.

The four pillars of the digital transformation journey

by • 8 months ago

Identifying the right IT investments remains a challenge for state and local agencies. One place to start: Focus on the foundations of application enablement.

Automation holds the key to faster benefits delivery and reduced fraud

by • 9 months ago

Government leaders are discovering automation is more than a technology tool, but an enterprise capability to improve citizen service delivery, lower costs, accelerate digital modernization and reduce the risk of fraud.

Three practical strategies for driving digital transformation

by • 1 year ago

Automating data processes is a start, but democratizing data is the goal to realizing true transformation says Alteryx’s Andy MacIsaac.