Fulton County, Georgia, still working to restore systems after cyberattack

In a public update, Fulton County officials said they're bringing some systems online, but access to the Georgia voter registration system remains restricted.
Georgia capitol building
Georgia capitol building (Getty Images)

Multiple systems in Fulton County, Georgia, including parts of the tax, phone and judicial systems, are still down after a cyberattack caused an unexpected outage last month.

In a press briefing on Monday, officials said the county’s IT department is making progress in their efforts to recover the system and has restored a limited number of phone services and added new lines to supplement the lines still impacted.

Several public-facing offices have also resumed service, including the Fulton County Board of Equalization and the Board of Assessors. The Fulton County Superior Court has also started issuing marriage licenses and marriage certificates again, with weddings available to take place as scheduled on Friday.

County officials reiterated that although there was no evidence indicating the cyberattack is related to the state’s election process, Fulton County officials are still restricted from accessing the state’s voter registration system, a precautionary measure taken last Friday by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.


The statewide presidential primary election is scheduled for March 12, potentially causing problems for the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections, which also serves parts of Atlanta, if the restriction is not lifted.

Sophia Fox-Sowell

Written by Sophia Fox-Sowell

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