Brandy Reitter

Brandy Reitter is the executive director of Colorado's Broadband Office.

GoldenGov: State Executive of the Year

Brandy Reitter is the executive director of the Colorado Broadband Officer. Reitter joined the office in 2022 and is responsible for providing oversight and management of the office’s programs and state-wide strategy for broadband deployment. Her work includes education, outreach, supporting regional collaborations, fostering relations with partners, and mobilizing resources to improve the access and affordability of high speed internet. She works to assist with policy and legislative development, serves on various broadband boards, and supports the work of the office. Her professional experience includes 15 years in local government management in cities and towns across the State of Colorado. As a former Town Manager, she built broadband programs in rural communities and has leveraged resources to deploy broadband in her communities.

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