"police drones"

Drones assist in search for missing kangaroo after escape from Florida man's wildlife sanctuary

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

The Florida Highway Patrol is using two drones to search for the kangaroo, which went missing Monday.

California's wildfire effort includes software originally developed for a drone-racing game

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

Edgybees was founded to make software for drone hobbyists, but its augmented reality programs adapted well for emergency responders.

FAA lays down the law on drone regulations

by Ryan Duffy • 4 months ago

The federal agency has reaffirmed its authority over state and local government in managing the national airspace.

Illinois legislature approves bill allowing police drones to monitor large gatherings of people

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

Police departments will be allowed to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles over any assembly of at least 1,500 people.

Bill allowing police drones to watch parties almost passes in Illinois

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

The state assembly narrowly failed to pass a bill that would have permitted unprecedented use of drones over both public and private gatherings.

21 smart communities to watch in 2018

by StateScoop Staff • 6 months ago

21 smart communities to watch in 2018

Deborah Acosta wants to show Silicon Valley how women run things

by Benjamin Freed • 7 months ago

San Leandro, California's departing chief information officer plans to launch an incubator for women-run tech companies. But first, she's got some thoughts about bro culture, Burning Man, and the era of "Lean In."

Three ways unified endpoint technology helps save lives and boost first responder productivity

by Eugene Liderman & James Wood • 7 months ago

Sponsored Content: Next-generation public safety officials need the technology to enable them to work faster, improve productivity and cut costs.

Upcoming North Carolina drone workshop shows growing interest by government

by Colin Wood • 8 months ago

The state is one of many where the small aircraft are changing how agencies perform certain tasks.

Detroit, convalescing, seeks director of emerging technology

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

Post-bankruptcy, the city is searching for an expert in emerging technologies who can help rebuild.

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