Kentucky eyes AI to slash thousands of service desk requests

by Jake Williams • 4 weeks ago

As Chuck Grindle enters his second year as Kentucky's CIO, he's setting a baseline for AI, procurement reform and more work with data.

Big changes in store for state CIOs after 2018 elections

by Benjamin Freed • 1 month ago

With 36 states electing governors, there could be major upheaval ahead for chief information officers and the strategic plans they oversee.

State and local tech partnerships take finesse, but pay dividends

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

It's all about finding the right opportunity or "lever," two state IT officials told a conference audience.

Emergency shelters and housing map returns after Hurricane Michael

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

Engineers from government software firm Tyler Technologies first developed the map for relief workers after Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Seattle invites public to comment on its surveillance technologies

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

The city will host five public meetings in the coming weeks to ensure locals have a chance to be included in the evolution of the local government's privacy policy.

'Internet of things' poised for greatest impact, local IT leaders say

by Public Technology Institute • 2 months ago

IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and autonomous systems top the list of most impactful emerging technologies for local government, according to a new infographic from the Public Technology Institute.

California governor signs 'internet of things' cybersecurity bill

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The law sets a cybersecurity standard for Silicon Valley's IoT manufacturers starting in 2020.

Blockchain-enabled voting has started in West Virginia

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

The state's overseas voters started casting ballots using a mobile app that runs on the decentralized ledger last Friday.

California readies new security requirements for 'internet of things' devices

by Ryan Johnston • 3 months ago

A bill raising security standards for all internet-connected devices sold in the state is awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown's signature, but some experts say it still has flimsy language.

Connecticut's utility companies are getting better at repelling cyberattacks, state says

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

An annual cybersecurity review gave four power and water providers good marks in training their employees, but recommended they take more caution with internet-connected devices.

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