SASE: A new vision of the security perimeter for enterprise networks

With the bulk of access needs moving off-premise, public sector and higher education leaders should be rethinking security paradigms, say security experts.

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How open technology and process help the public sector innovate

by • 6 days ago

Adopting cloud-native development tools can help agencies speed up application development and improve security.

How healthcare agencies can tackle fraud, waste and abuse with RPA

by • 1 week ago

A new report discusses advances in automation to help public healthcare organizations tackle a backlog of claims from the pandemic, and protect from fraud and waste.

How modern e-signature tools facilitate paperless processes

by • 1 week ago

Remote work requires new ways to manage paperwork, prompting organizations to turn to secure, cloud-based tools to sign and process documents.

States build resilience in government service with cloud

by • 2 weeks ago

Government leaders share their key wins during the pandemic thanks to cloud investments and look toward the future of government service.

Using modern identity tools to limit fraud, waste and abuse

by • 4 weeks ago

Digital services for citizens are increasingly important. By using cloud-based identity tools, agencies can mitigate abuse of funds and help those most in need.

How states can stand up reliable contact tracing programs at scale

by • 1 month ago

A new partnership between Okta and allows public partners to quickly and easily deploy a comprehensive contact tracing solution in weeks.

When the pandemic broke the traditional security model

by • 2 months ago

Why agency leaders need to reset their assumptions about authentication and look to a better model for security across their network.

Supporting children and families by tackling internet disparity in communities

by • 2 months ago

Government agencies can bring internet access to disadvantaged communities but should act before the end of the year to access federal funding, say experts.

Re-envision network security with an ‘inverted’ perimeter

by • 3 months ago

As the bulk of work flows increasingly outside traditional enterprise security barriers, agencies need to rethink network security paradigms.

How agencies can modernize their data warehouse infrastructure

by • 4 months ago

Not all agency organizations will move to the cloud. Those that still rely on their own data warehouses can benefit from modern solutions for agility and automation capabilities.