For a more secure Next-Gen 911, look at network demands

A new report looks at reasons why public officials should evaluate their future network demands before rolling out Next-Gen 911 upgrades.

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State agencies urged to move beyond login credentials to counter cyber risks

by • 1 month ago

Agencies that still rely on user IDs and passwords alone are most at risk to cyberthreats and should move to stronger identity and authentication technology, says new report.

Ransomware defense starts with smarter backup and recovery plans

by • 2 months ago

State IT leaders can reduce the cost and disruption of ransomware threats by proactively safeguarding data before it’s attacked, report says.

7 steps to help prevent and limit the impact of ransomware

by • 3 months ago

When ransomware attacks do strike, every minute counts to notify your organization and investigate quickly, say experts.

States need better data recovery to forestall ransomware threats

by • 4 months ago

A third of state government officials in a new survey have experienced a ransomware attack; a majority still need help improving data recovery and response capabilities.

Disrupting ransomware with security best practices

by • 5 months ago

Ransomware attacks are a favorite tactic among cybercriminals; the payouts can be big and fast. Two cities in Florida, for example, paid almost $1 million this past summer after their computer systems were paralyzed.

How CIOs can reduce operating costs and remove information silos

by • 5 months ago

Modern workflow management platforms help agencies do more work with less money through cloud-enabled tools that improve delivery of services.

IAM solutions that help deter ransomware and cyberthreats at agencies

by • 7 months ago

State and local agency CIOs can take advantage of modern identity and access management tools to mitigate cyberthreats against critical data, report says.

Looking beyond process automation at government agencies

by • 9 months ago

How content services platforms improve citizen services and increase employee productivity for federal and state governments.

What state agencies can learn from Utah’s IAM consolidation

by • 9 months ago

Utah shows how centralizing identity and access management saves millions, improves user experience and prepares agencies for more ambitious IT projects.

Eliminate paper-based invoicing to save valuable government resources

by • 11 months ago

Agency CFOs and CIOs alike can benefit from investing in automated invoicing and payment systems. A cloud-based service would pay for itself in less than a year.