Philadelphia ready to install 100 free Wi-Fi kiosks

by Ryan Johnston • 5 days ago

The city has announced the next phase of its partnership with Intersection, which will install and maintain the devices around the city.

Seattle invites public to comment on its surveillance technologies

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

The city will host five public meetings in the coming weeks to ensure locals have a chance to be included in the evolution of the local government's privacy policy.

New York City launches a smartphone threat-detection app

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

NYC Secure will tell New Yorkers if their phones encounter unsafe networks. The city insists it's not tracking users.

Cities object to FCC's new rules on 5G rollout

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

"The FCC is threatening the public’s right to control public property," New York City CIO Samir Saini wrote.

D.C. airports are selling their in-house facial-recognition system to other airports

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

Washington Dulles International Airport is the latest terminal to adopt the new biometric screening technology, but when commercial options were too costly, it developed its own solution.

Oklahoma convenes autonomous vehicle task force to inform future legislation

by Ryan Johnston • 4 months ago

The task force comprised of state, local and industry professionals will support the growth of new transportation technologies on the I-40 corridor.

Cities and towns do not like the 5G bill slipping through Pennsylvania's legislature

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

The bill would put strict caps on what municipal utilities could charge phone companies to install small-cell antennas.

Dockless bike share is coming to New York City

by Mark Satter • 5 months ago

Five companies will place their fleets around the city's outer boroughs during a pilot period.

21 smart communities to watch in 2018

by StateScoop Staff • 7 months ago

21 smart communities to watch in 2018

How Nextdoor is helping law enforcement connect with residents and reduce crime

by Annie Barco • 8 months ago

Commentary: Annie Barco of Nextdoor shares examples of how her company's social network is helping law enforcement form tighter bonds that make communities safer.

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