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For a 'golden' user experience, digital services need GIS

by • 6 days ago

NSGIC President Karen Rogers says GIS is not only essential for user experience, but it pervades nearly all data government touches.

Six states to develop data-driven workforce strategies

by • 6 months ago

With support from the National Governors Association and Strada Education Network, states will use consumer data to design education and training programs.

Report: Municipal broadband environment has gotten 'significantly worse'

by • 10 months ago

The number of municipally run networks has risen, but state lawmakers are also throwing up more roadblocks, according to a new report from BroadbandNow.

Former Iowa CIO takes job in Abilene, Texas

by • 11 months ago

After more than a decade in state CIO roles, Robert von Wolffradt heads to a midsize city in central Texas.

Digital driver's licenses solve problems of convenience and security, officials say

by • 12 months ago

Maryland and Wyoming are wrapping up pilot programs exploring digital, mobile driver's licenses and preparing to offer them to the broader public.

Former school district IT chief named Wyoming's new CIO

by • 1 year ago

Gordon Knopp, who spent nearly 17 years heading technology operations for the state's largest school district, replaces Tony Young.

Wyoming puts 'huge' focus on hosted mainframe upgrade

by • 1 year ago

Wyoming Chief Technology Officer Dan Young says the state can no longer find the workforce to support its legacy infrastructure.

State leaders say net neutrality repeal could upend equitable service delivery

by • 2 years ago

As the nation waits for the FCC to register its final ruling, some state leaders plan for potential disruptions to government services.

Digital driver's license pilots target accessibility, security

by • 2 years ago

Four states are testing new features on a mobile technology that could someday replace traditional identification cards.