For broadband, states look to federal relief funding

by • 4 months ago

It's become a truism that broadband is an essential life tool, but states still face challenges in closing the digital divide.

Wyoming CIO out after leak of coronavirus test data

by • 4 months ago

Personal information of thousands of state residents collected during COVID-19 and influenza tests was accidentally shared on a public server.

How GIS helps state governments share, drive efficiency

by • 7 months ago

Through the inherent visualization present in geospatial data, the use of GIS in state government decision-making is crucial for better services.

COVID-19 made geospatial leaders ‘front page news’

by • 10 months ago

The pandemic, and the need to use digital mapping to respond to it, elevated the role of GIS leaders in state governments.

State, federal collaboration key to GIS growth going forward

by • 1 year ago

State GIS leaders need to work together with their federal counterparts in order to advance the national spatial data infrastructure, NSGIC’s president says.

Wyoming lawmakers advance digital driver's license bill

by • 2 years ago

After a pilot testing the technology in 2017, Wyoming lawmakers are joining a growing trend, laying down laws that would allow for device-based identification.

For a 'golden' user experience, digital services need GIS

by • 2 years ago

NSGIC President Karen Rogers says GIS is not only essential for user experience, but it pervades nearly all data government touches.

Six states to develop data-driven workforce strategies

by • 2 years ago

With support from the National Governors Association and Strada Education Network, states will use consumer data to design education and training programs.

Report: Municipal broadband environment has gotten 'significantly worse'

by • 2 years ago

The number of municipally run networks has risen, but state lawmakers are also throwing up more roadblocks, according to a new report from BroadbandNow.