Ark. lawmakers set to review telehealth regs as debate over one provision intensifies

by • 6 years ago

Telemedicine vendors and large employers want the state to reconsider how it defines "store and forward" technology, but lawmakers and regulators are pushing back.

Texas telehealth advocates push draft bill to lift tech restrictions

by • 6 years ago

The Texas eHealth Alliance is sharing draft legislation with lawmakers, hoping to spur passage of a telehealth bill amid a legal standoff over virtual patient care.

South Carolina gov. signs bill expanding how doctors can use telehealth techniques

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Nikki Haley put pen to paper on the new telemedicine bill to get rural residents more access to health care, but advocates worry about some of its provisions.

Louisiana telehealth bills move closer to passage

by • 6 years ago

Two pieces of legislation to let more physicians use telemedicine techniques to treat Louisiana patients are picking up steam.

Alaska bill to expand telemedicine techniques gains steam in Legislature

by • 6 years ago

Sen. Pete Kelly's legislation to let out-of-state physicians treat Alaskans using telehealth tactics could soon head to the governor's desk.

New Indiana law clears way for telemedicine efforts

by • 6 years ago

Gov. Mike Pence just signed a bill into law setting clear standards around telehealth in the state.