Tarek Tomes

Not every state IT project needs to cost millions, CIOs say

by • 4 months ago

The CIOs of California and Minnesota said at NASCIO's midyear conference that sometimes small state IT projects have outsized impact.

Black CIOs share stories of pandemic accomplishments

by • 1 year ago

"This is long overdue," said Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers, who led his colleagues in sharing how they've dealt with COVID-19 and other challenges.

Minnesota launches COVID-19 vaccination data dashboard

by • 2 years ago

Minnesota officials hope the new data tool will support "a covenant of accountability" as the state progresses through early phases of vaccine distribution.

Contact tracing app helped lower COVID cases in Minnesota, CIO says

by • 2 years ago

The state's contract tracing app helped lower cases after November's spike, and now the state's deploying a tool to track vaccination data, said Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes.

How consolidated IT aided states’ pandemic responses

by • 2 years ago

The CIOs of Minnesota and Tennessee both said their organizational structures aided their pandemic response efforts, but budget cuts could stall progress.

‘Intentionality’ key to service delivery in Minnesota, CIO says

by • 3 years ago

Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes says his secret to effective service delivery is in deliberate planning and adjustment in service of a greater mission.

Minnesota Gov. Walz names former St. Paul CIO as new IT commissioner

by • 3 years ago

Tarek Tomes, the former CIO of St. Paul, will take over the state's IT leadership as it seeks to get a problem-addled vehicle registration system under control.