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Map reveals more than 2,700 surveillance cameras in San Francisco

by • 3 months ago

The civil-liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation obtained the locations of cameras used across San Francisco as the city contemplates its use of surveillance technology.

Bill allowing police drones to watch parties almost passes in Illinois

by • 12 months ago

The state assembly narrowly failed to pass a bill that would have permitted unprecedented use of drones over both public and private gatherings.

ACLU criticizes cities and states buying facial-recognition software from Amazon

by • 1 year ago

"Facial recognition in American communities threatens freedom," the organization says of Amazon's Rekognition platform.

People want more police technology, but not more surveillance

by • 1 year ago

New survey data shows a public that is conflicted about how law enforcement adopts new technologies like body-worn cameras and online crime reporting tools.

State police in New Jersey aren't saying why they spent 50,000 on cell phone surveillance tech

by • 1 year ago

Civil liberties groups contend the technology could violate the privacy of anyone with a mobile phone who passes by.

Chinese surveillance fears ground San Francisco drones

by • 1 year ago

City officials have stopped all city-run drone flights from the drone manufacturer DJI after concerns sensitive information would fall into Chinese hands.

To spot violent offenders, Detroit police infuse facial recognition into criminal video monitoring

by • 2 years ago

New software will track passersby at gas stations to build on a program that police say is already reducing crime.

How Houston set up public safety cameras for Super Bowl Live event in just four days

by • 2 years ago

Through work with industry and government partners, local public safety agencies launched a 40-camera system at zero project cost to the city.

Smart city surveillance: Singapore's camera system stands as a potent deterrent

by • 2 years ago

Singapore's clean streets and smart city initiatives are closely tied to its widespread surveillance network.

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