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North Dakota's CIO wants to automate 20 percent of state government

by • 3 months ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley says that by boosting efficiency through the use of technology, the state is "improving lives and inspiring success."

North Dakota names new CISO to lead state's broad cyber operations

by • 3 months ago

The state's technology department announced it's hired Kevin Ford, currently the CISO of a risk-management firm, as it implements a "whole-of-state" approach to cybersecurity.

States look to 'citizen as a platform' for data management

by • 6 months ago

Whether calling it ‘citizen as a platform’ or ‘my government, my way,’ states are rethinking data management, putting the citizen at the center.

'Whole-of-state' approach on cybersecurity growing in popularity

by • 9 months ago

State IT agencies play an expanding role in coordinating cybersecurity policy all the way down to the lowest levels of government, speakers said at a National Governors Association conference.

On cybersecurity, North Dakota wants to 'change the conversation completely'

by • 1 year ago

In a highly-connected rural state, North Dakota's top IT officials are trying to usher in policies that could change how state government thinks about security.

IT consolidation advances in North Dakota with legislators' approval

by • 2 years ago

Senior technology officials say they've received permission to begin one of state government's trickiest tasks.

North Dakota takes another look at IT consolidation, cloud migration

by • 2 years ago

State Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley is trying to convince lawmakers that modernization is the right move.

North Dakota appoints Shawn Riley as next CIO

by • 3 years ago

After a three month search, the governor's office found a new face to lead IT operations in the state.