North Dakota auditor claims state IT division lost more than 200 devices

by • 2 years ago

But the technology office chalks up the "unlocated assets" to recordkeeping quirks.

How cloud-based ERP systems help CIOs and CFOs improve their operations

by • 2 years ago

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems produce cost and time savings for HR, finance and IT departments at state and local agencies, an expert says.

St. Louis IT agency revised security policies after audit, CIO says

by • 2 years ago

Cindy Riordan says the IT agency has cracked down on the number of people who have access to the municipal data center, and revised contracts to ensure vendors follow industry standards on security.

Report highlights 10 cybersecurity steps to protect smart city tech

by • 4 years ago

A new analysis from Trend Micro identifies the best ways for cities to protect their systems, data and critical services.

Q&A: NGA program director tells states to get back to basics on cybersecurity

by • 5 years ago

Getting everyone in the same room is a step that states can take today to help safeguard their assets, says the association's cybersecurity guru, Tim Blute.

Q&A: Virginia governor talks cyber, warns states not to be the weakest link

by • 5 years ago

Pressing for national cybersecurity standards and actionable intelligence sharing, Terry McAuliffe highlights key initiatives for 2017 in an exclusive interview.

West Virginia state computers taken offline after attack

by • 7 years ago

The West Virginia state government was forced to take more than 1,100 government computers out of service after a malicious software attack struck state employees.

Microsoft adds IRS-compliant security features to Office 365

by • 7 years ago

Microsoft's Office 365 now offers an IRS-compliant security package, making it easier for state government agencies to handle tax data securely in the cloud.