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How agencies ensure software containers don’t add complexity

by • 7 months ago

Government agencies using software containers and APIs will be able to transition to the cloud in a distributed IT environment more efficiently, experts say in a new podcast.

Agile integration in infrastructure improves modernization efforts, report says

by • 10 months ago

Agile experts explain how agencies adopting a distributed architecture framework can better position themselves to adapt to changes in technology.

Experts defend agile methodology as best protection from digital disruptions

by • 10 months ago

Why agile integration is an essential step to improving application architecture and managing the exponential increase of endpoints and user interfaces.

With open source pivot, government is poised to innovate business practices

by • 1 year ago

By embracing the technology and approach, state and local government agencies can find the right path to innovation.

Find path to innovation with open source, cloud

by • 2 years ago

Government leaders need to turn to commercially-supported open source and cloud technologies to deal with legacy modernization and cybersecurity challenges.

Website redesign launches N.C. into digital services

by • 4 years ago

As the demand for digital services grows nationwide, North Carolina is stepping up its game — starting with a website redesign across state government.