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Rising cyberthreats prompt new techniques in Virginia, CISO says

by • 2 weeks ago

Virginia CISO Mike Watson says the state has a dedicated cybersecurity vendor under its new multi-sourcing model, while training remains important as ever.

'Converge' as a group for better state IT budgeting, tech leaders say

by • 2 months ago

The top technology officials from Pennsylvania and West Virginia say bringing an enterprise together for budgeting talks can generate unexpected business value.

For state CIOs, broadband an essential and pressing challenge

by • 3 months ago

On StateScoop's Priorities podcast, the CIOs of Wisconsin and North Carolina share how they're keeping pace with public demand for high-speed connectivity.

States look to 'citizen as a platform' for data management

by • 3 months ago

Whether calling it ‘citizen as a platform’ or ‘my government, my way,’ states are rethinking data management, putting the citizen at the center.

Digital government's challenges are rarely technical

by • 5 months ago

According to the CIOs of Delaware and New Hampshire, advancing digital government is often a matter of convincing other state officials it's a good idea.

Data analysis, machine learning attract states to the cloud

by • 6 months ago

With the new capabilities cloud computing presents, IT agencies can protect themselves better and do more with data, guests say on StateScoop's Priorities podcast.

Know your environments before consolidation, say state IT chiefs

by • 8 months ago

On Season 4, Episode 1 of Priorities, top tech officials from Kansas and Arkansas share challenges and goals of centralizing and outsourcing IT functions.

California needs modernization for cloud success, CTO says

by • 9 months ago

On the Priorities podcast, California CTO Richard Rogers says that the state needs a modernization and workforce strategy for true adoption of cloud.

Employee engagement, cost benefit key to shared services discussions

by • 9 months ago

On the latest Priorities episode, Vermont's John Quinn explains how close collaboration has improved buy-in and impact for the state's shared services.