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Digital service delivery, public safety tools finalists in 'Engaged Cities' awards

by • 2 days ago

Ten finalist cities will compete for three shares of a $200,000 cash prize for work with the public that makes a positive difference in their communities.

Don't be fooled by Orlando city government's website redesign

by • 10 months ago

Officials say it's much more than a "hamburger button."

Orlando police are testing Amazon's facial recognition software again

by • 11 months ago

Privacy advocates continue to criticize the city's exploration of Amazon's Rekognition platform, which has resumed less than two weeks after the end of a controversial pilot.

ACLU criticizes cities and states buying facial-recognition software from Amazon

by • 1 year ago

"Facial recognition in American communities threatens freedom," the organization says of Amazon's Rekognition platform.

Orlando deploys alpha website, digital team for 24-hour services

by • 1 year ago

A final version of the city's digital services offering is expected by the end of the year.

Orlando begins quest to digitize every city service

by • 1 year ago

Responding to a call from its mayor, the city is deploying a new innovation team and launching an experimental new website to bring its citizen services into the modern era.

Smart city stumbling blocks: 5 cities weigh in

by • 2 years ago

A diverse array of challenges face those pursuing a smart city future, but a panel of government technologists say the biggest task could be trying to get everyone on the same page.

Tech, transit and planning officials foresee a multimodal future fraught with complexity

by • 2 years ago

The popularization of new modes of transportation and the burgeoning Internet of Things is presenting regulatory and planning challenges faster than city leaders can answer them.

5 cities win custom workshop through Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant

by • 2 years ago

Winners will receive products, support and advice from vendors and industry experts as they pursue smart city goals around affordable housing, transportation and public safety.