Vermont to start using blockchain for cannabis tracking

by • 2 years ago

Since decriminalizing the drug in 2018, state CIO John Quinn says interest in growing licenses has skyrocketed.

Code for America's pot-conviction clearance program heads to Illinois

by • 2 years ago

Cook County will use an automation tool to identify criminal records eligible to be overturned under Illinois' new marijuana legalization law.

Washington state decides to work it out with third-choice marijuana sales tracking vendor

by • 4 years ago

Left with few alternatives, officials have committed to repairing a glitchy "seed-to-sale" tracking system through the summer.

San Francisco will dismiss thousands of marijuana convictions with automated tool

by • 4 years ago

The city's use of web-based software called "Clear My Record" marks the first partnership between civic tech nonprofit Code for America and a prosecutor's office.

California turns to digital marijuana business licenses to halt illegal activity

by • 4 years ago

Officials say they hope the state’s new permitting systems will encourage growers to run legitimate businesses.

Ohio plans medical marijuana help line, possible digital services

by • 4 years ago

With new laws come new technologies.

Oregon prepares to issue marijuana business licenses using new online portal

by • 6 years ago

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been accepting applications from prospective growers since January through an entirely digital process.