Ed Toner

‘10 percent’ of Nebraska IT’s workforce is new graduates

by • 7 months ago

State CIO Ed Toner says his key to keeping the state’s technology workforce fresh has been strong partnerships with local colleges. 

College partnerships are keeping Nebraska’s workforce full

by • 8 months ago

State CIO Ed Toner says partnerships with local community colleges have eliminated his office’s workforce problems.

Data analysis, machine learning attract states to the cloud

by • 1 year ago

With the new capabilities cloud computing presents, IT agencies can protect themselves better and do more with data, guests say on StateScoop's Priorities podcast.

States are struggling to attract top IT talent from the workforce

by • 1 year ago

A survey highlights workforce challenges, driving some states' CIOs to focus on job reclassification and internship programs.

Application management uncovers surprises in Nebraska

by • 1 year ago

State CIO Ed Toner says taking inventory of the state's applications and servers is helping to trim down and, other times, bulk up.

State and local tech partnerships take finesse, but pay dividends

by • 2 years ago

It's all about finding the right opportunity or "lever," two state IT officials told a conference audience.

At different stages in consolidation, states look to a more efficient future

by • 2 years ago

On the latest episode of StateScoop’s Priorities podcast, the CIOs from Mississippi and Nebraska talk about their efforts on consolidation and why the idea has been a state technology priority for so long.

What workforce problem? Nebraska staffs enterprise services team with recent graduates

by • 2 years ago

State Chief Information Officer Ed Toner said a new generation of hires is infusing government with "youthful enthusiasm" that is driving cultural change.

Engagement increases as agile continues its rise in government

by • 3 years ago

States like California and Nebraska are tapping into the lean, iterative development strategy to speed up projects and drive efficiencies across the state government enterprise.