David McCurdy

Colorado Chief Technology Officer David McCurdy to step down

by • 3 years ago

McCurdy said the last five years of technology in Colorado has been a story of progress and successful projects where the state had previously struggled.

Colorado is almost done migrating its huge benefits management system

by • 3 years ago

State agencies, local governments and individuals will be able to start use the modern system in two months, Chief Technology Officer David McCurdy says.

Colorado takes 'major leap' into public cloud, sees cost savings

by • 4 years ago

Colorado's CTO David McCurdy tells StateScoop about how the state is diving deeper into cloud and the cost savings that are coming from the effort.

For funding, Colorado cybersecurity chief says strategy first

by • 5 years ago

Using her own state as an example, Colorado CISO Debbi Blyth says legislators are more willing to invest in cybersecurity if they can see specific strategies to measure success.

Colorado announces single sign-on for citizen services

by • 5 years ago

With an RFP on the way, state technology leaders are striving for technology and services as sleek as those built by companies like Amazon and government innovators like 18F.

Colorado appoints new chief data officer

by • 7 years ago

In order to continue their data efforts, Colorado has appointed a new chief data officer to help the state use data to inform business and policy decisions.