What Works Cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies launches city 'data alliance'

by • 4 months ago

Organizers said members of the new data alliance will be pushed to “an even higher standard” of data-informed decision making.

Memphis, Tenn., fostered data culture through competition, mayor says

by • 11 months ago

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said monthly meetings that publicized agency figures pushed city leaders to embrace data and improve their numbers.

16 cities certified for data-driven practices

by • 12 months ago

What Works Cities, a division of Bloomberg Philanthropies, certified a new round of cities for their data practices, bringing the total number of participants to 254.

Survey names Colorado, Washington among top data-driven states

by • 3 years ago

The two states are part of a national increase in data-driven decision making within state governments observed by Results for America's 2019 survey.

Cities ply data against declining economic mobility

by • 3 years ago

Under a new initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, 10 cities will track data with the goal of reducing income inequality and boosting economic opportunity for individuals and families.

Philanthropies commit $12 million to economic mobility

by • 4 years ago

Three groups will donate funds for projects in 10 U.S. cities.

National League of Cities announces data workshop series

by • 4 years ago

Together with Results for America, the advocacy group hopes to bring data resources and education to more cities.

What Works Cities touts $42 million investment; Bloomberg cites states, cities as antidote to 'alternative facts'

by • 4 years ago

New funding for the initiative offers both financial and symbolic backing for data-driven decision-making in government.

First 9 cities earn Bloomberg data certifications

by • 4 years ago

Through a new What Works Cities program, Los Angeles became the first city to earn a gold rating for its data practices.