vote by mail

Election officials won't 'sacrifice accuracy or integrity for speed'

by • 6 months ago

It will take time to count tens of millions of absentee and mail-in ballots. But that's by design, a Brennan Center expert said.

Right-wing scammers indicted over robocall spreading disinformation about voting by mail

by • 6 months ago

Two bumbling GOP scammers face charges over a robocall that discouraged people in Detroit and other cities from voting.

More states offering websites, notifications to track absentee ballots

by • 7 months ago

Nearly every state offers lookup tools, emails or text messages giving voters the status of their ballots so they don't have to try to vote twice.

Michigan catches robocall spreading disinformation about voting by mail

by • 8 months ago

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said she and the Michigan attorney general are investigating the call, which appears to be the work of two bumbling right-wing scam artists.

'Biggest threat to election security is the coronavirus,' security expert warns

by • 11 months ago

A House Homeland Security panel reviewed the range of options being considered to secure a pandemic-year election.

Pandemic-time elections expected to be much more expensive

by • 12 months ago

A new report by a group of think tanks and local election officials shows that Congress needs to greatly increase funding so elections can be conducted safely.

States urged to clarify election procedures during pandemic

by • 1 year ago

Officials need to be more clear on who has the authority to reschedule or reformat an election in response to the coronavirus outbreak, an expert on election security and law told StateScoop.

Senator floats emergency vote-by-mail in wake of coronavirus

by • 1 year ago

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden is proposing that every state offer all voters mail-in ballots if the COVID-19 crisis continues to worsen.