VMWare: Virtualization sets the tone for the future of state IT

by • 6 years ago

Through virtualization, state governments could shift the future of their network, computing and software environments, VMWare says.

Texas IT staff evaluating applications that need updating

by • 7 years ago

Chief Technology Officer John Hoffman discusses how his department is working to identify legacy applications that have become outdated.

Colorado builds internal firewalls to amp up cybersecurity

by • 7 years ago

The state's chief information security officer discusses her strategy for refreshing aging technology and improving security.

Georgia moves oversight of 'IT towers' to services integrator

by • 7 years ago

Georgia’s state technology authority wants to provide a more agile, plug-and-play IT environment by turning over the integration and management of the state’s IT services to Capgemini Inc.

Alabama CIO navigates thin budget to fund new tech, cyber

by • 7 years ago

As Alabama fights to pass a budget that will fully fund its government, state IT officials like Brunson White are forced to make do with what they have.

Former Nebraska CIO reviews state's next steps

by • 7 years ago

As Ed Toner settles into his new role as chief information officer of Nebraska, he’ll be taking the baton of a technology executive who’s served the state for two decades.

Maine CIO Jim Smith on business process management

by • 7 years ago

Maine Chief Information Officer Jim Smith recently joined StateScoopTV to discuss a number of current projects including his emphasis on business process management, along with what excites him about working in state government.

Inside the FAA's newest drone test site

by • 8 years ago

The sixth and final Federal Aviation Administration-approved testing facility for unmanned aircraft systems became officially operational Wednesday in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Michigan's Dan Lohrmann leaving for private sector

by • 8 years ago

Michigan Chief Security Officer Dan Lohrmann will leave public service Friday to take a job as the chief strategist and chief security officer for California-based Security Mentor.