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Governors ask for Real ID extension due to coronavirus

by • 2 weeks ago

With state governments closing DMV offices amid the pandemic, governors say they need more time to ensure compliance and possibly upgrade the Real ID program's standards.

Governors urge Congress to help states with cybersecurity

by • 1 month ago

With several bills currently circulating, the National Governors Association urged Congress to advance support for states defending against cyberattacks.

NASCIO and NGA promote more state-local cooperation on cybersecurity

by • 3 months ago

A new publication published jointly by the two groups nudges governors and state IT officials to work more with their local counterparts on cybersecurity efforts.

Six states to develop data-driven workforce strategies

by • 7 months ago

With support from the National Governors Association and Strada Education Network, states will use consumer data to design education and training programs.

State and local governments urged to beef up ransomware defense

by • 8 months ago

Four organizations, including CISA and NASCIO, told state and local governments to get their cyberdefenses in order.

Maryland Gov. Hogan rallies governors to repair national infrastructure

by • 8 months ago

The Republican will use his year leading the National Governors Association to advocate for repair of the country's aging roads, bridges and digital networks.

States need cyber disruption response plans, NGA says

by • 9 months ago

State governments need to assemble plans for treating cyberattacks more like disasters, a new paper by the National Governors Association recommends.

Seven states to get cybersecurity strategy help from NGA

by • 9 months ago

The National Governors Association will work with state officials to protect critical infrastructure, help local governments and implement overall strategies.

NGA selects six states for election cybersecurity policy academy

by • 10 months ago

Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada and Virginia will spend the next six months studying election security to come up with plans ahead of the 2020 election.