National Emergency Number Association

911 call centers have enough capacity so far, but upgrades are delayed

by • 1 year ago

Emergency call centers are withstanding surges of calls in areas heavily affected by the pandemic, but key upgrades are being put on hold, a survey found.

Next-generation 911 standards pact coaxes international cooperation

by • 1 year ago

Groups from North America and Europe have agreed to use similar standards, which could mean better interoperability and coordination of research.

As 911 goes digital, security and training pose major challenges

by • 2 years ago

Today's aging, analog 911 systems are largely insulated from cyberattacks. But soon they'll be plugged into everything else that gets hacked.

911 call centers get a map to look up other call centers

by • 2 years ago

It's a visual upgrade to a decades-old database that also comes with hooks for modern applications to share data that helps smooth emergency response.

Officials worry next-generation 911 could expose operators to gory images

by • 2 years ago

Some in emergency call centers say they're concerned with how the the introduction of photos and videos to 911 calls could affect their mental well-being.