Four foundations for enabling modern applications

by • 1 week ago

As government agencies shift to internet-based applications, the need for modernized networks has never been more essential, says IT architecture expert.

COVID-19, One Year In — A StateScoop & EdScoop Special Report

by • 7 months ago

The past year was tough — here's what leaders across state and local government, and higher education, are thinking about as they move forward.

Connecticut to launch new online tax portal next week

by • 1 year ago

Connecticut's new tax-filing system, to go live next week, will replace a legacy system built in 2002.

The future of network security with SASE solutions

by • 1 year ago

How state agencies can ensure trusted access to applications by remote users through implementing security inspection at the application layer.

Digital Transformation — A StateScoop Special Report

by • 2 years ago

Digital transformation and IT modernization was in government once the purview of a select few. Now the pandemic is showing how it affects everyone.

Smart infrastructure spending to bridge legacy and cloud IT

by • 2 years ago

Virtualized infrastructure that integrates legacy and modern applications in a multi-cloud environment can help agencies lower operating costs and strengthen security.

Pennsylvania CIO 'excited' about single sign-on expansion

by • 2 years ago

Pennsylvania is connecting a growing number of applications to its Keystone Login function in service of its citizens, CIO John MacMillan said.

How CIOs can reduce operating costs and remove information silos

by • 2 years ago

Modern workflow management platforms help agencies do more work with less money through cloud-enabled tools that improve delivery of services.

Colorado puts ‘passion’ behind customer relationship management

by • 2 years ago

State chief information officer Theresa Szczurek says the state’s doing a lot with CRM, but also prioritizing and taking on tasks one at a time.