Michael Mattmiller

Microsoft exec on using cloud to scale services and security

by • 1 year ago

Microsoft’s Michael Mattmiller reflects on how agencies have leaned on cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications to scale services during the pandemic, and Microsoft's own lessons learned to secure their remote workforce.

Seattle IT fires 14 managers in major reorganization

by • 3 years ago

The city's new chief technology officer, Saad Bashir, said the decision is part of a "pivot" to becoming a "Best-in-Class digital service delivery team."

Under a new mayor, Seattle CTO Michael Mattmiller resigns

by • 4 years ago

After four years of service, the city's head technology official says it's time to return to the private sector.

Seattle may take another stab at municipal broadband

by • 4 years ago

A city councilmember will soon propose the hire of an employee to begin what would be the eighth investigation into municipal broadband for the city in 12 years.

Cloud essential for smart city data sharing and analytics, panel says

by • 4 years ago

Cities need to push forward on migration to cloud computing in order to truly maximize the opportunities offered around data sharing and analytics, say some smart city thought leaders.

Ignoring technology is the road to procurement reform, panel agrees

by • 5 years ago

Focusing on outcomes, rather than specific technologies, will allow cities to build procurement systems that work better, a panel of city and state experts said.

On the IoT frontlines, cities should embrace culture over tech

by • 5 years ago

Cities need to embrace workforce culture and invest in individuals rather than rush to embrace cutting edge tech, representatives from state, local and federal governments said.

Seattle sets concrete steps to bridge digital divide with new action plan

by • 6 years ago

CTO Michael Mattmiller discusses the city's new roadmap for building digital equity over the next three years.

Seattle plans release of digital inclusion action plan to help bridge Internet divide

by • 6 years ago

CTO Michael Mattmiller detailed the city's efforts to close the digital divide at the National League of Cities' congressional city conference.