COVID-19 brought GIS ‘into the limelight,’ state officials say

by • 4 weeks ago

Two GIS officials say were called on to help with pandemic response over the last 13 months as state leaders realized geospatial technology's power.

FCC leader shares 'cautious optimism' for broadband expansion in schools

by • 1 month ago

FCC Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel told Maryland educators and administrators she's confident about expanding connectivity for K-12 students who are gradually returning to classrooms.

Data-sharing is crucial to state pandemic response, officials say

by • 4 months ago

Data-sharing infrastructure largely developed before the pandemic enabled states to act quickly in improving digital services last year, technology officials said.

Simplify citizen services with centralized cloud infrastructure

by • 5 months ago

Maryland’s secretary of IT, Michael Leahy shares how the pandemic ramped up the state’s plans to simplify services on a secure, one-stop platform.

Maryland universities to track transit patterns of Baltimore residents

by • 7 months ago

A group of university researchers and state authorities will monitor the movements of 1,000 Baltimore residents with the goal of improving transit "through an equity lens."

How Maryland used GIS to build its COVID-19 response website

by • 7 months ago

Julia Fischer, Maryland’s geographic information officer, said many agencies didn't know how powerful GIS could be when the state began building its informational portal in March.

Apple, Google: Contact tracing to become standard smartphone feature

by • 8 months ago

Nevada, Maryland, Virginia and D.C. will be the first to use a version of the tech giants' jointly developed API that does not require the installation of an app.

Maryland’s secret weapon for better IT: basic communication

by • 9 months ago

The state’s top technology official says basic verbal communication paired with critical thinking can save state governments time and money.

Maryland joins analytics platform to monitor sex offenders

by • 11 months ago

Maryland has become the 21st state to adopt OffenderWatch, a tool that helps police focus their efforts on offenders identified to be at the highest risk of reoffending.