Mark Myers

Arkansas appoints deputy technology director, chief data officer

by • 4 years ago

The state technology office moves forward with a full roster for the first time since the appointment of its new director earlier this year.

Meet the StateScoop 50 GoldenGov Nominees: Arkansas CTO Mark Myers

by • 6 years ago

In this Q&A, StateScoop introduces you to StateScoop 50 GoldenGov nominee Mark Myers, the chief technology officer for the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas open data committee lays groundwork for potential IT centralization

by • 6 years ago

An Arkansas task force met with industry and state audit officials last week to explore how a central data warehouse and IT department might improve state operations.

Arkansas IT department hires new deputy CTO

by • 6 years ago

The new deputy director of Arkansas' IT department comes to the position from the governor's office and academia and will oversee the DIS' fiscal division.

Elections, retirements bring in new state CIOs in 2015

by • 6 years ago

In a tumultuous year for state information technology, more than 20 states welcomed new CIOs due to changes from elections, retirements or resignations.

FCC grant funds rural broadband in Arkansas and beyond

by • 6 years ago

The second phase in the FCC's Connect America fund will give AT&T and CenturyLink 4 million to build broadband in rural Arkansas.

Arkansas district first in state to get broadband Internet

by • 7 years ago

The new speed will bring schools up to 200 Kbps — from the average of 5 Kbps in the rest of the state, according to officials.

What states can learn from the OPM breach

by • 7 years ago

The massive breach in the federal government should be a wake up call for states, IT leaders said.

Arkansas CTO warns of cyber attacks to state governments

by • 7 years ago

Governments are vulnerable, Arkansas CTO Mark Myers said. States are facing the challenge of coping with ever-increasing incidents of cyber attacks.