Laura Kelly

Kansas to scrap disco-era unemployment mainframe for cloud system

by • 1 month ago

The state's unemployment system, built in the 1970s, will finally be replaced in a long-delayed modernization effort, Gov. Laura Kelly said.

Kansas forms cybersecurity task force

by • 10 months ago

The group is charged with developing a "comprehensive plan" within 90 days to improve cybersecurity in the state.

Kansas' new coronavirus bill puts privacy limits on contact tracing

by • 2 years ago

An emergency bill makes compliance voluntary and bans the use of mobile location data to track the identity or movements of the state's COVID-19 patients.

Kansas IT chief Lee Allen steps down

by • 3 years ago

DeAngela Burns-Wallace, the state's secretary of administration, will also serve as Kansas' new chief information technology officer, Gov. Laura Kelly said.

Kansas terminates 'no-bid' contracts valued at $112 million

by • 3 years ago

Gov. Laura Kelly said her decision to cancel the agreements with vendor CGI follows an earlier promise to improve transparency in the state.

Lee Allen to continue as Kansas' top IT official under new governor

by • 3 years ago

Allen, who was named the state's chief information technology officer in July 2018, will stay in the job when Gov.-elect Laura Kelly takes office.