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Idaho plans to hire a cybersecurity specialist for elections

by • 4 months ago

The new position would be responsible for monitoring threats against the state's voter registration database and coordinating with county-level officials.

14 years and counting — Greg Zickau retained as Idaho's CIO under new governor

by • 5 months ago

The longtime Idaho state technology official has been reappointed alongside his boss, Jeffrey Weak.

Technology vendors want better communication from state government

by • 7 months ago

State IT procurement has long been frustrating for both sides, but industry associations are trying to smooth things over.

DMV service outages in Idaho shaping up as major issue in November election

by • 9 months ago

The governor says fixing the driver's license system is one of the state's highest priorities.

Idaho inmates exploit tablets, stealing $225,000 in multimedia credits

by • 10 months ago

The company providing the tablets says the vulnerability has been patched, and the service discontinued until inmates reimburse for the content they stole.

Idaho state government hacked twice in three days

by • 12 months ago

Damage was minimal, but the attacks underscore a repeated call from the governor for increased cybersecurity awareness and training throughout the state.

Digital driver's license pilots target accessibility, security

by • 2 years ago

Four states are testing new features on a mobile technology that could someday replace traditional identification cards.

State leaders bust 2 technology procurement myths

by • 2 years ago

Officials make the case that government procurement processes and negotiations aren't always as rigid and inefficient as industry believes.

'Financial ecosystem' pilot streamlines payment processing in Idaho

by • 2 years ago

A new check imaging service is the latest piece of a common system for simplifying payment operations in state government.

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